Workshops & Talks are engaging experiences for teams and organisations to feel inspired, connected and learn human-focused tools that they can apply to their personal and professional lives.

Workshops & Talks

Sabina is an in-house Coach and a certified Sprint Lead at Google who has carried out hundreds of workshops grounded in psychology, neuroscience and human-centered design thinking. Combining these disciplines she has facilitated workshops to improve well-being across the company, for commercial partners solving new challenges and for teams building impactful Google products.

Main Topics Include:

• Learn the role of emotions
• Gain control over strong emotions
• Merge left and right brain for open heartedness

Emotional Health & Competence

• Learn to befriend fear and regulate the nervous system
• How to turn overwhelming emotions into your “why”
• Get confident, clear and have conviction

Fear Into Purpose

• Introduction to the design thinking toolkit
• Explore possibilities for improved well-being
• Moving from idea to action

Life Design for Well-being

• Learn to reframe problems into solutions
• Building resilience for growth
• Practical design thinking tools

Turning Challenge into Opportunity

 Zara B. - Behavioural Scientist at google

The workshop was illuminating, motivating and practically orientated, and made us think deeply about how we can better craft our lives.

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