Why is it that some people, despite challenging circumstances are able to thrive where others have everything but are unfulfilled? Why is it that we are all fundamentally the same but at the same so unique? My awareness and curiosity developed very early on.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by self-development, transformation & embodied healing.

Everything in my life has brought me here.

I’m Sabina and I invite you to design a PURPOSEFUL life that you love. 

I began to really reflect: “What’s important to me? What do I need to thrive now? What is my body telling me? Who do I even want to become? What is my purpose? 

My pain quickly became my teacher and my fear became my guide. I began listening to my body and soul to reconnect with myself and my needs, to live aligned with my values, to become who I always wanted to be. I learned the tools to listen to my emotions and to design a purposeful path. I nurtured self-awareness and prioritised my well-being so that I could own and write my future. Well-being through authentic and intentional living became my purpose. I began experimenting and understanding how to connect my strengths, passions, skills and direct experience to not only survive, but thrive and live in alignment and with purpose. 

Now, I am exactly where I am meant to be: serving you to show you how you can, too.

I was an observer of individual differences, growing up seeing my big brother navigating the world with a congenital condition that influenced his abilities and position in the world. I began to better understand perception and how reality is not as it is, but as one experiences it.

My observations turned into academia where I studied Psychology and Neuroscience and eventually went on to work in film, business and technology.

Looking back, like many of us, I avoided deeply feeling difficult emotions because it meant getting closer to the feeling of human suffering. We are programmed to evade painful experiences and I wasn’t ready. I had already felt too much pain, my brother had just passed away. I focused on more “fun” interests: film and music. How could I help artists make a living from their creativity? How could I help them reach their potential?

After a major and unexpected turn in 2014, I had no choice. This time it was me living with chronic pain and fighting every day to give meaning and purpose to what I was doing. Lost, emotionally and physically exhausted I began to reconnect with myself.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." - Anaïs Nin

I help people connect or reconnect with their core emotions and uncover what’s meaningful to them so they can dream big and intentionally design a life that is purposeful, no matter what. Let me guide you.

Design Thinking



Qualifications & Experience

•  International Coaching Federation Trained Life & Business Coach
• Advanced Diploma - Irish Lifecoach Institute
• Google Coach for Global Leaders

• BSc Psychology and Cognitive Science (Warwick University)
• Training in Somatic Experiencing | Breathwork | Internal Family Systems

• MSc Creative Processes | MSc Economics in Art, Culture, Media, Entertainment
• Design Thinking and Sprint Lead | Trained by IDEO and Google

Work With Me

Intimate and engaging group and corporate workshops dedicated to having genuine impact on how individuals prioritize well-being by living authentically.


An 8 week group program providing you with tools and techniques to nurture your emotional well-being and design a path that gives you meaning and purpose.

A Purposeful Path Program

Commit to a customized 1:1 program lasting 3 or 6 months. Think of it as you getting on a new bike and me riding alongside you.

Private Coaching

Let's Connect.

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