I'm Sabina De Duonni.

Expand your mind-body connection.

A somatic practitioner and believer that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your inner world and the authenticity with which you navigate life. I’m dedicated to helping you practice self-compassion, build courage and embody a life true to you.

I have always been fascinated by our individual differences, our unique experience of the world. Why is it that there are patterns in human behaviour though the ways in which they manifest is unique in each of us? My awareness and curiosity developed very early on.

My lived experience informs my practice, everything in my life has brought me here.

Human first.
Practitioner second.

Work With Me

Intimate and engaging group and corporate workshops dedicated to having genuine impact on how individuals prioritize well-being by living authentically.

Group Workshops

An eight-week group program exploring tools and techniques to nurture your body's intelligence and embody a path that gives you meaning and purpose.

 The Embodied Path

Work with me one-on-one to create time and space dedicated to practicing self-inquiry and expanding your capacity for nervous system regulation.

Private Sessions | Somatic Coaching

Together, we’ll enter the labyrinth of profound introspection in a peaceful and inspiring setting, uncovering our fears and limiting beliefs. Our method is based on radical self-inquiry, strengthened by medicine-assisted therapy, sublime settings and community integration.

A 7-day journey of radical self-inquiry in the Colombian Sierra Nevada jungle.

cor:age retreat

Christina R. - PR Executive

I've acquired tools to help me manage negative thoughts and have created the space in my mind to work with the positive, accept emotions, focus on my achievements and future goals. I have become more conscious of who I am and what I want. Sabina made me feel comfortable, I felt like I was talking to a friend.

Sabina is a fantastic coach with a diverse range of skills. She pushes to draw the best out of you especially in relation to achieving goals and holds you accountable to those goals. Sabina is warm and friendly and creates a space that is welcoming to explore whatever topic you may bring to the session.

Andrea w. - Emotional eating expert

Karoline o'S - Admin & Comms Business partner

I got some very actionable takeaways from our time together. One really important one is a better understanding of our core emotions and defensive and inhibiting behaviours that get in the way of learning what is really going on, even those behaviours that we think are helping us. Sabina helped me to see these behaviours for what they really are and to get to the core of what was really going on and where I needed to change.  

Let's Connect.

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