My purpose is to encourage self-discovery and commitment to exploring your body's wisdom so that you can live authentically.

Insight lives within you

I combine three disciplines: coaching, therapeutic modalities such as somatic experiencing, IFS & mindfulness. I play with human-centered design thinking tools to explore new ways of being.

My Approach


The core school of thought is that you have the answers: insight lives
within you
. I use customised tools and techniques to unlock your potential and guide you to where you want to be. Powerful questions and active listening are practiced in order to raise awareness, promote self-reflection and translate insights into actions. My approach is holistic, working on all four levels that consider all parts of you: emotional, behavioural, spiritual and mental.

 I am trained under the International Coaching Federation and abide by their ethical guidelines, the golden standard for coaching globally.


My background in psychology allows me to integrate emotional and behavioural theory and methods into my practice. Whilst coaching puts great focus on the future "goal", we are affected in the present day by past experience such as parenting, trauma & individual differences. These can translate into resistance, inhibiting us from achieving our "goals". Subconscious discovery of who we are today and why is a powerful driver for reconnection and transformation.

I use evidence-based, body-oriented methods rooted in holistic psychology to support my clients' healing, growth and transformation.

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Design thinking turns people into designers, change-makers, architects of their own life. It sees challenge as opportunity, turns problems into solutions and adversity into growth. Design thinking is a human centered, strategic and action-oriented process that sees problems only as solvable when the person for whom one is solving, is at the centre of the process. The methodology is open, iterative and experimental.

I am a human design thinking facilitator and certified Sprint Lead at Google. I have carried out hundreds of workshops using human-centered design thinking to improve employee well-being.

• ICF Trained Life Coach

• BSc Psychology, Mindfulness
• Training in Internal Family Systems | Somatic Experiencing

• IDEO trained Design Thinking lead
• Sprint Certified Lead at Google 

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